Some shoot stats:
14 days in L.A.
126 talent
42 setups
10 locations
11,915 captures
10 food stylists with 2 food trucks
1 case of cold brew coffee concentrate
and more cheese than a denim pantsuit in Vegas. 
That’s what it took to help our friends at TracyLocke when they asked Brandon to shoot an asset library for Pizza Hut…well, that, and our own team of producers, stylists, techs, retouchers and assistants.  With a production of this complexity and scope, and a timeline to make you pucker, it took the whole Bruton Stroube family to pull this one together.
This is a project that really shows what working hard and having fun while you do it is all about.  And now back to the treadmill…we ate more pizza than we probably should have.
Some select images from shoot along with some Behind the Scenes and Crew shots at the end...including and a video of me continuing to try to catch a piece of pizza off of a skateboard…after I didn’t learn my lesson the first time when it busted my lip.
Behind the Scenes and Crew
And below are a series of BTS pics and a video of me busting my lip open trying to catch a piece of pizza in my mouth off of a skateboard.
Tons of pre-production and organizing went into this shoot.  I think we spent more time in this conference room than we did in our actual hotel rooms.
Final pre production meeting with clients before the shoot started.
This gift showed up in my hotel room just before the shoot of the many, many reasons I love my wife.
This was my "Breaking Bad" inspired angle for the delivery shot.
This is how we roll.
Drive by.
Our food stylist team sweet mobile kitchen pizza producing trucks.
The Beau-ritto challenge.
Trying to catch a piece of pizza off of a skateboard...after it busted my lip, I refused to back down.  Until I almost put a slice on the roof.
I ran out right on the last day of shooting.  So fitting.  Thee End!
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