The Test Image for my dream job!
I had a lot of fun working this image from Brandon Voges, (and for a position at BSS).

Back before I was hired at  Bruton Stroube Studios (BSS) in St. Louis, MO back in 2013, they ask me to do a test to a few of their images.

I was pumped, I was loving what BSS was up to and their work I saw on their website blew me away. 
When I was told I could do whatever I wanted to the image, I knew I had the creative freedom to push it. 

Yeah, one could do nice pleasing color and a few retouching clean ups, but where is the fun in that? 
So I thought about it. What is the story here, what is happening? Gentlemen are out with their closest friends. They are a close-knit crew. In a "club" of their own. They would want to be in at an establishment that shares their comfort, so the color and lighting had to reflect their moment, their time together.

The following is the color work and retouch for a group of guys who go way back and just want to hang.

After color and retouching.
Base file.
Thank you for looking, and now out hang out with some friends! - JG
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